CHEAPEST LES PAUL Style DIY Kit Review and Demo (Ammoon LP Kit)

CHEAPEST LES PAUL Style DIY Kit Review and Demo (Ammoon LP Kit)

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This is the unboxing, building, review and demo of the Ammoon Les Paul style DIY guitar kit!

Okay guys, you’ve been requesting this review and build for a long time, and honestly, I’ve had this kit for a long time and just haven’t had a chance to do it. This is the unboxing, building, review and demo of the ammoon les Paul style guitar kit available from eBay or TomTop. I’m dan, this is guns and guitars, let’s get going

Tomtop sent me this kit for review on my channel, but I’m going to level with you...they don’t sell it for the best price if you’re located in the US. The funny thing is, those eBay sellers have names like “tomtop_uk” and “tomtopwarehouse” etc so when you buy from them, you’re likely buying from Tomtop anyway, so I went ahead and put eBay links in the description as well as the Tomtop link. Now eBay kicked me out of their affiliate program because they think I sell guns, which I don’t, but no matter what I say they came to that conclusion and black listed me anyway, so I won’t earn any referral commissions from those eBay links like I would from Tomtop, but, I would never tell you to spend more than you need to just so that I can earn a little commission. That goes against everything I believe in. This channel is all about getting high end tone on a low end budget, so if you can get it cheaper elsewhere, please by all means do that. Now if you live outside the US, the Tomtop website might your best bet. So check out those links in the description for Tomtop and eBay if you’d like to purchase one of these kits...
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