Spherical stone | Crystal | with or without hole | Basic Guide | Aliexpress | XiLiTaTa Sore 567

Spherical stone | Crystal | with or without hole | Basic Guide | Aliexpress | XiLiTaTa Sore 567

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Xilitata is popular for some Natural stone beads, All pictures on the website are in real shots, details you can check below link
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*** Spherical and crystal beads are the easiest ingredients to find, you can buy them anywhere with quite cheap price.
You can even reuse the beads in unused jewelry or marbles. With this material you are also very easy to model, with many different types and styles of jewelry
For spherical stones (with or without holes) you can refer to this playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL9XieKF8Wc&list=PLx4k6akdDBsFxYbOeVhGpnpKpMIq8RrOS
For spherical or crystal stone (with hole) you can refer this playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc9PYScgJPQ&list=PLx4k6akdDBsFX4DHBcUnlZ5HJC5mo_hfs

*** In addition to making jewelry with copper wires, you can also use elastic band and combine with other decorative beads to make simple bracelets and necklaces. In the video I made a simple bracelet pattern combining spherical stones and decorative particles.
With the same technique, change the combination of different bead you will have different products.
With just a little time, a little care you can create your own custom products. Wish you success.

**** Music in the video :
00'09 - 02'33 : Leave It Alone - Underbelly
02'33 - 05'17 : TrueArtRealAffectionPart4 - Noir Et Blanc Vie

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00:10 Material
01:00 spherical stones (with or without holes)
01:32 spherical or crystal stone (with hole)
02:08 Bracelets with elastic bands
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