Top 10 AliExpress Mid-Year Sale Watches!

Top 10 AliExpress Mid-Year Sale Watches!

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Helloooooo! Please check all product descriptions carefully and make sure you are happy with what you are buying!

Number 1. Cadisen C1032

Number 2. Pagani Chronograph

Number 3. Loreo Submariner

Number 4. Loreo 'Yachtona"

Number 5. Cadisen 'Diamond'

Number 6. San Martin '62MAS'

Number 7. Parnis GMT

Number 8. Corgeut Flieger - Caution With This One! They seem to have changed the listing. Make sure you only order one with the same Miyota movement, as shown in the video!

Number 9. Reef Tiger

Number 10. Seagull 1963

BONUS!! Number 11. Seiko 'Nemo' Turtle

(The Small Print: As mentioned, the above links are affiliate links. If you click on one and then make a purchase, AliExpress gives me a small commission. You do not pay any more for the product.)

Another Top 10 Chinese Specials list! Actually, a Top 11 as I got excited and added a Bonus/Googlie at the end, you'll see what I mean. Some great watches, for not a lot of money, and even less money when they are on sale. I bought two, how many will you buy! Just One More Watch Syndrome, indeed. Cheers, Jody
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